VENTURE FUND and / or Crypto / Blockchain PORTFOLIO MANAGER: Engage with the companies in our venture portfolio. This can include existing venture capital investments as well as investments in external early stage or crypto / blockchain investment managers. Co-investment analysis, deal sourcing, evaluating potential external fund management opportunities and managing of the overall relationship with our existing external fund managers.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT DATA ANALYST: The Portfolio Management Data Analyst role is part of the Alternative Investment Management (AIM) team. AIM plays an integral role in helping to grow our Asset Management business, which leverages Jomon’s research, data, and technology-driven approach to provide investment insights. The Portfolio Management Data Analyst role will initially focus on designing, evaluating and implementing portfolio-level data platforms while collaborating with internal PM teams to better allocate and optimize portfolio management functionalities. This role requires a strong technical background to support the development of portfolio insights and portfolio level reporting.

QUANTITATIVE MACRO ANALYST: Quantitative Macro Analysts will develop new techniques and methods to analyze world events using statistical methods. He / She will leverage their already strong understanding of strategic macro trends to produce insightful and timely analysis, will enjoy a fast-paced environment and be equally comfortable working autonomously or in teams. Excited to be creating a rigorous analytic product from scratch with minimal guidance and bureaucracy. The successful candidate will be very comfortable working with quantitative data and familiar with statistical models.

EVENTS DATABASE ANALYST: Events Database Analyst to help grow our proprietary event databases. The ideal candidate will have good general knowledge of world events, financial markets and economic industries.


Role & Responsibilities: We are looking to expand our entrepreneurial global quant trading team. You will be part of part of a team developing and implementing a trading platform for trading crypto currencies and other data driven trading strategies on options, futures and other derivatives. You will help to further develop the trading platform, manage trading risk book and hedge trading execution and research and back-testing trading and market making strategies. Build trading and operational tools and help further automate tasks and processes. When you apply, please let us know, in a few short sentences, how you intend to make money in crypto.


A quantitative proprietary trading firm with focuses on market making cryptocurrencies. Responsible for the portfolio of cryto currency and implement trading strategy. Implement trading strategy and responsible for the profit of the portfolio. Improve existing trade execution, risk management and strategy performance. When you apply, please let us know, in a few short sentences, how you intend to make money in crypto.